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New Oyster Policy Released by the USDA

Functionality You Will Love


Comprehensive Coverage

The policy offers extensive coverage against various risks, including natural disasters, diseases, and unforeseen challenges that might impede oyster production.


Tailored Support

Oyster producers in St Mary's and Dorchester Counties in Maryland can benefit from flexible policy options, specifically designed to accommodate farms of different sizes and operational needs.


Government Backing

With the USDA's support, this policy comes with government subsidies to make it more accessible and affordable for all oyster producers.  Additional support is available for beginning farmers and recent veterans.


Risk Mitigation

A safety net against unpredictable events empowers you to pursue sustainable cultivation without the looming threat of significant losses.


Economic Assurance

By shielding against crop vulnerabilities, the policy ensures economic stability for oyster producers, fostering growth and sustainability within the industry.


Cultivating Innovation

Reduced risks may inspire producers to explore innovative techniques, potentially boosting efficiency and elevating the quality of yields.


Get a Quote

As with all crop insurance policies, the oyster policy is based on your experience.  In order to quote a price for coverage we need to learn a bit more about your operation.

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