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SentryAg, Inc. offers a range of precision consulting services. Whether you’re looking to start small or develop a whole farm strategy, we can help you. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our services and what our team can do for you.


Soil EC Mapping

Mapping soil Electrical Conductivity (EC) within a field provides information on soil variability.  Accurate soil EC maps can aid in deciding on variable rates of fertilizer, lime, and seeding.


Field Management Zones

Need help developing a strategy to manage field level variability?  Let us guide you. Field management zones, based on soil EC, are the basis for managing variable rate input application.  We can import and analyze previous yield monitor data to fine tune a management strategy.

Zone Soil Sampling

Looking for more insight than a traditional soil sample?  Soil sampling based on EC zones is an effective way to identify in-field nutrient variabilty.  Recent studies have shown EC zone soil sampling to be the best way to mange in-field variability.


Variable Rate Prescriptions

Looking to put your variable rate technology to work but not sure where to turn?  Soil fertility and spatial yield data can be used to create variable rate prescriptions to more accurately allocate crop inputs.  We work with all brands of equipment to ensure a smooth experience for your application.


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